Life in Amsterdam

Gables of four former houses that now compose the Institute for Advanced Study at the University of Amsterdam, on the Oude Turfmarkt in the city center–with their playfully sinuous ornamentation.

It’s quite fun to think about how long I’ve lived in Amsterdam–how much my outlook on life has changed and grown over the years here. I’m happy and excited for my future and all it holds. The above image shows my favorite collection of gables in the city, on the Oude Turfmarkt, and Rokin, in the center. They’re so handsome. Because my Dutch is near to fluent, it feels as if I have the keys to unlock the city–with my favorite places and spaces in it, now familiar spots I cycle past daily. Knowing how to speak Dutch really is needed in the Netherlands if one wishes to have any sort of meaningful life. Years of study have made me so appreciative that I am bi-lingual, which has enriched my view of the world–and my place in it. Life in Amsterdam is always offering up the unexpected, and I’m so grateful to call the city–and feel that it is–my home. This Medium is meant to be a place for musing on my professional life and all it entails; design, art, anthropology, tech, and architecture… though without the need for having that work published in other locations, in a formal way. Anything fun I find, from a podcast, blog, etc.–or just ideas on the above topics–I’ll place here. Check back , as there are many new exciting adventures are on my horizon.

(July 2022 Update: Turns out since writing this it seems Twitter is also a place to share; find me and follow over there:

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